7SIGNAL - Makes complicated Wireless Network Monitoring easy!

7SIGNAL is for organisations that rely on mission critical Wi-Fi to conduct business. 7SIGNAL offer an enterprise cloud Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) platform that continuously monitors the wireless network for performance issues – maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.

7SIGNAL isn't like other providers because the solution measures Wi-Fi performance from the client’s point of view and provide data that is not tracked by the Wireless LAN vendor.

The wireless network plays a critical role in the success of a business; from saving lives in a hospital; to merchandise transactions in retail; logistics monitoring in manufacturing; enhancing productivity in high density enterprises and much more.  Get the tools you need to ensure your wireless network is reliable.


Mobile Eye

The world's first (and only) Wi-Fi Performance Agent for Mobile Devices


Sapphire Eye

#1 in the World for Wireless Network Monitoring