Ekahau PRO
Ekahau WiFi Tools - The WiFi Connection
Design, Analyze, Optimize, and Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Networks

A Professional Tool for Wireless Professionals

From systems integrators to IT administrators, Ekahau ProTM is used to design, optimize, and maintain Wi-Fi networks of any size. It has an ultra-fast, easy to use interface that works on laptops and tablets running macOS or Windows.

Ekahau Pro ensures high performance and includes capacity, planning and analysis. It supports all Wi-Fi access points, thousands of antennas and legacy and current Wi-Fi standards, including 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6). If a Wi-Fi network is not yet in place, Ekahau Pro will automatically determine how many access points are needed and where they should be placed. Ekahau Pro will also recommend network configuration for optimal performance. For Wi-Fi networks already in place, Ekahau Pro provides quick and easy site surveys, coverage and capacity analysis, network optimization, and troubleshooting.

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Create Fast and Accurate Network Designs

Accurately design a high-capacity Wi-Fi network based on your requirements, using an ultra-fast and accurate 3D propagation engine. Create effortless designs of complex RF environments, such as multi- floor buildings, warehouses, convention centers and outdoor areas. Complete projects faster with Ekahau Cloud integration, team members can share project files and collaborate on them across the site or around the globe.

Automatic wall detection saves time by eliminating the tedious task of drawing walls on floorplans.

Troubleshoot and Report

  • Display access point and channel configurations to reveal common interference issues

  • Analyze collected data using one of 17 heatmaps to quickly determine the performance of the Wi-Fi network

  • Generate easy-to-interpret reports for your entire Wi-Fi project with a single click or create fully customized reports


Supports Latest Wi-Fi Standards and All Wi-Fi Vendors

  • Supports legacy and modern Wi-Fi standards, including 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)

  • Includes 2500+ Wi-Fi access points and antennas from all vendors for planning in 3D

  • Cisco Integration: Cisco DNAc & Prime Import / Export, BLE planning, Cisco AP name detection. Multi-SSID detection. Multi-radio detection

  • Aruba HPE Integration: Airwave project import, BLE planning, AP name detection, Multi-SSID detection, Multi-radio detection


Works with Ekahau Sidekick®

  • Provide fast and accurate on-site surveys as well as simultaneous spectrum analysis

  • Automatic interference detection used to identify and locate the exact source causing Wi-Fi problems

3D Wi-Fi Planner

Ekahau Pro automatically creates a multi-floor
Wi-Fi network plan based on specified coverage and capacity requirements. Within seconds, Ekahau Pro determines the optimal number of access points, as well as the best locations and channels for each access point, predicting how the Wi-Fi network
will perform before going on-site. The 3D Planner considers signal leakage between floors to help minimize co-channel interference.

Network Planning

  • Automated access point placement and network optimization

  • Automated wall detection from CAD floorplans

  • Coverage and Capacity simulations

Site Surveys

  • Passive and active surveys

  • Throughput (iPerf) surveys

  • Spectrum surveys (Sidekick required)

  • Multi-adapter support GPS outdoor surveys



  • Real Time Frequency Monitor / Survey Inspector

  • All-in-one troubleshooter:

    • Passive Wi-Fi measurements

    • Active Wi-Fi tests

    • Spectrum analysis

  • Identify coverage issues, interference problems, Wi-Fi equipment failures, misconfigurations, roaming problems, and more

  • Capacity troubleshooting

  • VoIP, video, RTLS: Wi-Fi issues per application

Analysis / Reports

  • Clear visualizations:

    • Signal strength, SNR

    • Secondary & tertiary coverage

    • Noise / interference

    • Channel interference

    • Data rate, overlap

    • Roaming, RTT, packet loss

    • Network health analysis

    • Capacity analysis

    • Spectrum channel power / utilization

  • Locates access points

  • Template-based reporting