Cisco recalls 87 different WiFi access point models

On Friday 17 January Cisco announced via this "Field Notice" that some WiFi devices may have trouble connecting.

They describe the problem as, "A newly installed Access Point (AP) fails to join its controller or it joins the controller, but is only able to bring up one radio due to a manufacturing mismatch between the AP's domain and the radio's domain.

"On a Mobility Express (ME) AP, the 2.4GHz radio will come up in Day 0 mode; however, after you configure the correct country code, the internal AP might fail to rejoin or might bring up only one radio."

The document then listed 87 different models that are affected, noting that "In the manufacturing process, the radios for some APs were set for regulatory domains which do not match the Product ID (PID)."

The document also includes information on how to identify the model and serial number of each device, although oddly, the examples shown were for build dates in 2016 and 2017.

Buried in the fine print is the observation that, "If your Ship to Address is in the following countries, please expect delays of up to 3 months depending on importation regulations: Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela, India, All countries in Asia (i.e. Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Philippines), and all non-EU countries (ie: UAE, Russia, Turkey)."

It is not clear if this list of countries is exhaustive, but three months is rather a long time to wait for a replacement unit.


Use the Wireless LAN Compliance Lookup Tool in order to validate that your country code matches your PID. If you observe the same symptom and have validated that the correct countries are configured on your controller for your APs, but your serial number does not show up in the Serial Number Validation Tool, open a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Service Request (SR) to conduct further troubleshooting.

If you have an affected unit whose serial number is matched in the Serial Number Validation Tool, order a replacement unit with the Upgrade Program form.

How To Identify Affected Products

In order to find the serial number for your AP, complete one of these actions:

- From the AireOS CLI, enter the show ap inventory all or show ap inventory APNAME command.

- From the AP CLI, enter the show inventory command.

Further details can be found in the announcement here:

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