Ekahau Pro 10.2.2 Latest Software Update

Release Date: September 8th, 2020
  • Fixed issues:

  • Fixed a severe issue with "My Access Points" filter, which incorrectly displayed heatmap for "All Access Points" when starting a new project.

  • Using external screens with MacBook's own display sometimes caused hilarious situations where pop-up dialogs appeared partially out of screen. Well, maybe it's not that hilarious...

  • Detached Survey Inspector dialog was also misbehaving on macOS, where the dialog couldn't always be moved to a different screen. That's no longer the case.

  • Other miscellaneous fixes.

  • Notes:

  • If you missed the previous 10.2.1 release, please check all the interesting improvements and crucial fixes in that version from below!

Version 10.2.1

Release Date: September 4th, 2020
  • Improvements:

  • "Recent projects" section in File-menu now also shows recently used Cloud and Sidekick projects as well.

  • Ekahau Cloud project dialog now clearly shows if you can open the specific Cloud project or not (i.e whether the project is made with newer version of Ekahau Pro than you're currently using).

  • You can now also report TX power from your measured APs with existing TX power reporting tags.

  • New, more extensive "Copy template tags to clipboard" option added, which copies all the other map-related tags to clipboard as well (walls, areas, surveys etc.). We also kept the old option, if you just want the visualization tags, not all this new-fangled non-sense!

  • Added example template for custom tags, the familiar face from Ekahau Pro 10.2.0 release. Check it out for further inspiration for your tagging endeavors!

  • Added a proper way to report all radios with certain SSIDs with tag called "essids". Don't use the old "ssids" tag for this purpose, it is a silly old thing.

  • Labels no longer get cut off in reports if the AP is close to the map border. And this was the last stop for this Reporting Improvements Train. Next up: Random Enhancements Monorail!

  • Added channel 144 to Japanese regulatory domain. 楽しんでください!

  • Implemented dynamic height for AP Edit dialogs (Single & Multi-Edit). Simply put, if your screen resolution is high (1080p or higher), these dialogs are now bigger and show more content at once, lower resolutions stay the same as before.

  • Changed omni-directional Mist APs with BLE radios to be have a visible turning arrow for easier direction adjustment.

  • Application pop-up messages now show up even if you don't have focus on the main application window.

  • Adjusted Auto-Planner to work better with "RTLS" coverage requirement.

  • Removed "Whole Map" and "Wide Area" default attenuation areas from Ekahau Pro (they don't make up for good designs, trust us). If you still want to use these areas though, feel free to customize them back in as new area types.

  • Updated Ekahau Pro to use Java 11. Everything still works the way it did before. Yay! This was your Inside Baseball minute!

  • Removed spaces between AP name and running number when bulk naming APs. This should make your controller less grouchy when using these names.

  • Tooltips no longer expire while hovering cursor over them.

  • Improved Arista grouping logic.

  • Other miscellaneous improvements.

  • Fixed issues:

  • Several important project integrity fixes related to Ekahau Cloud syncing. Maintaining project integrity is always our number one goal and we're sorry for any trouble these issues may have caused you.

  • Fixed an issue where GPS surveys didn't work in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately, Ekahau didn't take us to vacati...erm, important QA trip to test this bug.

  • Fixed a bug where lower wall egde setting couldn't be customized. "Accept no limits!" slogan probably wasn't suppose to mean this...

  • Data Rate and Throughput visualizations now show 802.11ax data rates correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where taking too many snapshots with notes tool crashed the application.

  • Adding new tags in "Edit Multiple Simulated APs" no longer wipes tag values (not tag keys) from the selected APs. We're not monsters, we have to uphold some values at least!

  • Antenna Height option can now be selected again with a mouse in Auto-planner dialog.

  • Visualization statistics can now be displayed without areas again.

  • Using CMD/CTRL+A in tag creation dialog no longer selects objects on the map as well.

  • "Worst Channel + Association limit" setting in Channel Interference visualization now works properly with View as Mobile Device view mode.

  • Channel planner radio buttons no longer get "sticky" when they are being switched. That's what spilling soda on your code does...

  • Fixed an issue where visualization slider setting values didn't match with visualization tooltip values.

  • Survey inspector is no longer empty and unusable if opened without a project.

  • Bluetooth radio status now updates properly on the map when they are toggled ON/OFF from the AP list.

  • Visualization statistics for Network issues would occasionally would show incorrect colors, now that's fixed. Sorry if we are taking away your new favorite color here!

  • Other miscellaneous fixes.

  • New access points, antennas and BLE beacons:

  • New Cisco AP combinations: C9120e + AIR-ANT2524V4C-R, C9120e + AIR-ANT2566P4WR, AP2802E + AIR-ANT2524V4C-R and AP1852E + AIR-ANT2566P4WR. Updated C9130 5GHz patterns.

  • Aruba AP-503H, AP-505H and AP-518 + AP-ANT-1W

  • Mist AP12, AP33, AP32, AP32E, AP63 and AP63E

  • Allied Telesis TQ5403e

  • Arista C-230, C-230E, O-235, O-235E and W-118

  • Added Cambium Networks XV2-2, updated E410, E600 and XV3-8 patterns

  • Clear-Com FSE-TCVR-50

  • Edimax CAP1750, OAP900, OAP1750 and WAP1750

  • eero and eero Pro

  • ExtremeWireless AP360i/e

  • Added Fortinet FAN-664R, updated 431F and 433F patterns

  • H3C WA6320, WA6320H, WA6330, WA6622, WA6628 and WA6638

  • Huber+Suhner 1324.19.0032, 1356.17.0077 and 1356.17.0078

  • LANCOM LW-600

  • Ruijie Networks RG-AP180, RG-AP680(CD), RG-AP680-I, RG-AP820-A, RG-AP820-L(V2), RG-MAP852

  • Sophos APX320X

  • Tekfun F51-N

  • Westermo RT-370

  • XH2-120+ANT-OMNI-1x1-04, ANT-DIR30-2x2-01 and ANT-OMNI-1x1-04

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