Ekahau Pro version 10.3.0 is now available!

New features of 10.3.0:

  • Updated licensing system for Ekahau Pro - Au revoir to dongles!

  • We have now unified the Ekahau Pro license activation to work the same way as in its siblings, Ekahau Survey and Ekahau Analyzer. This means that you'll need to login to the application with your Ekahau Account credentials. Just start the application and we'll get you started!

  • This new licensing system means that Ekahau Pro has freed itself from clutches of hardware-bound licensing. You no longer need to tie the license to specific internal or external hardware device - for more flexibility and freedom. Liberté, égalit...well, let's not get too carried away.

  • How does this newfound flexibility manifests itself? Now you will be able to activate and use the license on two computers at once. Try it out - but please remember that one license limited to one person only!

  • You can also transfer your license between different devices more much easily - without having to contact Ekahau Support! Feel still free to say "Hi!" to our support guys, though!

  • However, you can only transfer the license between devices limited amount of times, so pick your chosen devices carefully(ish).

  • Access Point Color Selection - Red ones go faster!

  • In Ekahau Pro 10.3.0 you can now give your access points custom colors via AP list and Radio Edit dialog. For that trendy neo-80's look, may we suggest the screaming pink?

  • Additionally, you can use the new access point colors as new parameters in Quick Select or when searching for specific APs on the AP list.

  • The custom AP colors will also work seamlessly with the reporting - without any additional tags or tweaking needed!

  • Multi-Edit for Measured APs - Mixing things up!

  • We are bringing balance to the Force (of AP editing) by introducing multi-editing to measured APs as well! Previously, multi-editing was only limited to simulated access points, which certainly wasn't good enough.

  • Additionally, you can also multi-edit a mixed selection of measured and simulated APs. Just keep in mind that only settings shared between AP types are shown in the multi-edit dialog!

  • Measured APs have a significantly more limited settings than simulated APs, but otherwise they work the same way in both dialogs. But remember, it's not size of your settings but how you use them!


  • Significant compatibility improvements for macOS 11 "Big Sur".If you are considering updating your computer to macOS 11, please install this release.

  • Manual AP locations are now kept when merging projects. However, for best results, ensure that both projects don't have manually located APs in wildly different locations.

  • Added support for WPA3 security standard. This sequel is better than the last one!

  • Added ability to disable radios in multi-radio edit by selecting "Off" in Band selection. Additionally, wonkiness has been reduced by 57% when displaying disabled radios in multi-edit dialog.

  • Hybrid projects (mix of measured & simulated APs) now check floor-specifically if hybrid visualization rules should be used or not. This can improve heatmap accuracy if some floors only contain measured APs.

  • Improvements on memory usage when generating heatmaps.

  • Separated Settings and Notes into their own tabs in Radio Edit for measured APs.

  • Improvements on Meraki grouping logic. A release just doesn't feel the same without one of these...

  • Other miscellaneous improvements.

  • Fixed issues:

  • Fixed a serious issue on macOS where starting a second Ekahau Pro instance would block you from running Ekahau Pro again. Now you are properly limited to running only one instance at a time on macOS.

  • Tweaked project merging logic so that floors with a same name but different floor plans don't get merged together.

  • On the other hand, fixed an issue where merging projects with floors with same floor plan but with different names merged incorrectly together.

  • Channel Interference no longer shows grey-out value as one greater in reporting than what has been configured in the application. Plus-ones aren't invited, please!

  • Improved proxy settings parsing on special proxy setups for macOS.

  • Also, fixed an issue where the proxy window hid behind the main dialog on macOS.

  • All Quick Select dialog's columns now show the scroll bar properly. Channel-column, you though you could get away with it! Damn you!

  • Ekahau Pro no longer occasionally swallows up the first letter on Extreme Networks SSIDs. 'hat ain't 'ice, 'ates!

  • Fixed an issue where Extreme Networks and Aerohive SSID names weren't always parsed correctly from information elements.

  • Building view is now correctly disabled while in Crop & Rotate mode.

  • On macOS CMD+A shortcut (Select all) no longer actually selects all if your focus is on a specific text field. Why do it when you can overdo it!

  • Omni-directional antennas now also hide their orientation when their tilt angle is reversed (i.e flipped by 180 degrees).

  • Round-trip Time heatmap results are shown correctly when you have multiple "Ping" sessions in a single survey. So dropping off the network shouldn't any longer make Round-trip Time flip the table and quit.

  • Fixed a problem where the camera didn't always get initialized when taking pictures for notes

  • Empty "Template" projects no longer lose different dual-band criteria when you save the project to the cloud.

New access points, antennas and BLE beacons:

  • Cisco C9105i and C9105W

  • Aruba AP-565, AP-567, AP-574, AP-575, AP-577

  • ExtremeWireless AP460S6C, AP460S12C and ML2452-HPA5-036

  • Meraki MR44

  • AccelTex ATS-OP-245-7-6RPSP-36, ATS-OP-245-7D-6RPSP-36, ATS-OP-245-13-6 and ATS-OP-245-1312-6NJ-IC

  • Cambium Networks e430H

  • D-Link DWL-6720AP, DWL-8720AP, DWL-X8630AP

  • Eero 6 and 6 Pro

  • Elecom WAB-I1750-PS, WAB-M2133, Elecom_WAB-S1167-PS and WAB-S733IW

  • EnGenius ECW260

  • Fortinet FAP-23JF, FAP-231F, FAP-234F, FAP-432F + Added BLE radio for Fortinet FAP-221E

  • Grandstream GWN7600, GWN7600LR, GWN7602, GWN7605, GWN7610, GWN7615, GWN7630, GWN7630LR and GWN7660

  • Intelbras AP 1350 AC and AP 1750 AC

  • LANCOM LN-1702B and LX-6402

  • Netgear WAX610 and WAX610Y

  • OmPlecs AMR MF-05-6-Indoor

  • Poynting HELI-21 and HELI-22

  • Ruckus T750SE

  • Terrawave M6011012MP1D63607, M6030040O62420TA and M6060060D6D3620TM, M6060060D1D83602S

  • TP-Link EAP115-Wall, EAP230-Wall, EAP235-Wall, EAP265 HD, EAP620 HD, EAP660 HD

  • Zyxel NWA210AX and WAX610D

  • Added BLE radios to Arista C230, C250, C260 and O235

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