Introducing Analyzer for Android, Pro 10.3 and Survey 1.4

Ekahau introduced Analyzer for iOS earlier this year and today we are excited to introduce Ekahau Analyzer for Android! Now the freedom of mobility and ease of use is available for both Android and iOS platforms. If you have Android or iOS in your pocket, you can diagnose your network faster and with more accuracy leveraging the power of the Ekahau Sidekick. This is the first Android app for the Ekahau product suite, with more to come!

Analyzer utilises Sidekick’s high-resolution measurement capabilities to show network health on your mobile device. You no longer need your laptop on site to troubleshoot the most common issues. Simply connect your Sidekick to your iOS or Android device and fire up the app to begin testing. With Analyzer, you can:

  • Start validating and troubleshooting your wireless network in less than 60 seconds. If there’s trouble, Analyzer will let you know. Then just “follow the red.”

  • Enable on-site staff as well as other team members to quickly identify potential issues and relay info back to experienced network professionals to gain real time actionable intelligence without having to physically be on site.

  • Get an instant pass/fail view of network health, detecting primary and secondary signal strength, SNR, channel, connectivity, spectrum throughput, data rates, and possible interferences.

  • Drill down into the requirement details for actionable data identifying all APs in your location, SSIDs, connected devices, and roaming capabilities.

  • Visualise the spectrum analyzer to identify potential interferers such as wireless cameras, cordless phones, or other wireless devices wreaking havoc on your network.

  • Identify where (channel) in the spectrum your traffic and any interference is located to optimise your networks channel plan for peak performance while avoiding those annoying interferers.

Every second counts when your network is having issues. The Analyzer mobile app helps you identify issues fast to help minimise costly network downtime.

But wait, there’s more!

Ekahau Pro Turns 10.3!

Today we are also announcing that Ekahau Pro version 10.3 is in beta with general availability coming in January. The beta will be available on December 17th. Here are some of the highlights of 10.3

Account-Based Login

With this release, we are changing the way you log in to your Pro software and implementing new account-based licensing. This new license system will modernise the way we handle licensing and create consistency with logins for our other applications (Ekahau Survey and Analyzer). You will no longer need your Sidekick to authenticate licenses on different machines, and each user will only have one account to manage which reduces complexity and improves security. This also helps set the stage for how future access will be handled with new Ekahau innovations coming your way!

AP Colour Selection

For an extra treat, we are also adding access point (AP) colour selection in the 10.3 release. This will allow users to assign custom colours to the AP's to help them categorise or differentiate the AP's into visually distinctive groups. This new feature compliments your ability to create custom tags giving you more flexibility in your reporting and delivery and the entire rainbow of AP colour across your documentation, highlighting your critical APs. There may or may not be a swag item awaiting the first five (5) people to accurately simulate his/her favourite holiday decoration in AP format and post it on twitter using the new AP colour selection feature.

Multi-Measured AP Editing

Editing multiple AP's at once really helps save time. Naturally, measured AP's will have more limited configurations than simulated ones, but now, not only will you be able edit multiple simulated AP's, you will be able to multi-edit the Name, Model, and Tags of measured AP's as well, saving you time and effort.

Lastly, Apple users will know that MacOS was recently upgraded to Big Sur. With Pro 10.3, the compatibility fixes have been addressed and Pro will continue helping you design or manage a reliable network no matter which version of MacOS you are running on your machine.

Survey 1.4

In addition to all of the great functionality and improvements above, Ekahau are releasing new updates to the Ekahau Survey iOS mobile app with version 1.4 on the same day as Pro 10.3 beta, December 17th. Among the updates are improvements to Autopilot which will help guide the user in how to use it optimally. Now the most convenient method of network validation, not only got better, but it got smarter! Autopilot automatically takes advantage of the Apple ARKit and sensor improvements in your iOS device. It will learn from the user and re-calibrate tracking your movements.

In addition, you will now be able to change or create coverage requirements right from within the app! Now if you need to validate your network performance to a different Wi-Fi requirement than the original design, you can do so with ease. Check out your app for a full list of improvements to Survey with version 1.4.

Ekahau take pride in developing and advancing the technology in such a mission-critical industry. We are dedicated to helping our customers meet their current business needs and grow to meet their needs for the future. Whether you are a MacOS, iOS, Windows or Android user, we have a solution for you!

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