NetAlly AirMapper Site Survey App

NetAlly recently launched their new AirMapper Site Survey App for the AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester and EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert devices.

With AirMapper, users can now quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud Service or AirMagnet Survey PRO.

The AirMapper app is ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation and performance verification.


  • Complete Wi-Fi site surveys with an entirely mobile platform that also features in-depth analysis tools.

  • Perform enterprise-grade surveys without the need of a dongle or tethered device.

  • View professional SNR and noise measurements on an easy-to-use handheld instrument.

  • Examine real-world coverage and gain insight into user experience to avoid performance complaints and costly Wi-Fi network re-design — See what the user is experiencing at that moment

  • Collaborate—Visualise and share survey data through Link-Live Cloud Service (no operating system restrictions) or AirMagnet Survey PRO.

AirMapper Site Survey on AirCheck G2 or EtherScope nXG provides accurate and complete heat maps by measuring Wi-Fi performance from the perspective of other mobile devices. Users can map RF signal coverage and visualise Wi-Fi network performance at every location on the floor. The ease and portability of this solution enable technicians to quickly troubleshoot or validate the Wi-Fi network by measuring the real-world experience of mobile device users.

With the cloud-based Link-Live service or AirMagnet Survey PRO creating powerful visualisations of the recorded data, centralised engineers can analyse test results from far-flung remote sites without the need for travel - This now enables the AirCheck G2 to be a cost effective way to carry out validation surveys.

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Get in contact if you'd like to discuss options for tooling and training your own internal teams or if you'd like to work with a specialist and experienced partner for Wi-Fi design, surveying, troubleshooting and/or analysis.

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