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The WiFi Connection are an Ekahau accredited partner who have highly skilled and experienced engineers across the UK and Europe.

We support a variety of businesses who do not have the in-house technical skills, tooling investments, available resource


Focusing on Wi-Fi Design, Pre/Post Deployment Surveying, Troubleshooting and Analysis - Our engineering services can be available for short and long term contracts. We also provide recruitment services for permanent placements.

We are here to be a trusted partner for you to call upon for as and when you have projects which require you to scale up your resources, skills and services.

We are your WiFi Connection


Planning - Design - Simulation

Every business has a different set of requirements when it comes to WiFi.

We start by understanding your requirements to accurately design a high performing WiFi network.

We create your design by taking into account the areas in scope, number and type of client devices, wall materials, floor materials, antenna direction, mounting and cable considerations, designing for coverage as well as capacity.

We also ensure the chosen WLAN technology will adequately support application and user requirements.


Validation - Audits - Troubleshooting - Analysis 

Whether it's a validation of a newly deployed WiFi network, an audit to analyse an existing WiFi network or end users complaining of poor performance, our experienced engineers can perform a number of onsite surveys and/or packet analysis to gain visibility into the RF environment to understand how your WLAN is performing.


We provide detailed reports, which can include:

  • List of access points and antennas

  • AP configurations

  • Coverage and performance heatmaps

  • Network health and issues

  • Per-AP coverage & SNR

  • Channel Planning

  • Roaming

  • Capacity requirements and bottlenecks

  • Spectrum and Wi-Fi behavior in both 2.4 and 5GHz bands

  • Rogue access points

  • Recommendations to improve performance/security 

  • + more


Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE)

ECSE Design
  • 4-day classroom, hands-on, lab based course

  • Dive into all aspects of Wi-Fi life-cycle management including:

    • RF fundamentals

    • Predictive designs

    • Spectrum analysis

    • And much more

  • Designed for Wi-Fi systems engineers, IT administrators, and other wireless professionals

  • Receive a highly regarded ECSE Design certification after passing the certification exam


ECSE Troubleshooting

  • 4-day classroom, hands-on, lab based course

  • Review potential Wireless LAN issues as well as standard network troubleshooting processes using various tools and techniques to identify and resolve these issues

  • Work through 6 standard network troubleshooting processes using various tools and techniques at each stage to identify and resolve issues:

    • Investigate

    • Measure

    • Validate

    • Spectrum Analysis

    • Packet Capture

    • Management Systems

  • Receive an exclusive ECSE Troubleshooting certification after passing a certification exam


  • 3-day classroom, hands-on, lab based course

  • Dive into the intricacies of designing, optimizing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks such as:

    • Working with teams to ensure students are confident in their work flow, file management and merging skills

    • Using Ekahau Sidekick for hide-and-seek, RSSI-comparison and continuous recording

    • Using Ekahau Cloud to sync projects built on a desktop and surveyed using an iPad

    • Using Ekahau Capture and Ekahau Sidekick to capture PCAP files for analysis

    • Conducting a variety of endpoint throughput testing using WLANpi, Test Accessory, ePerf and remote for stop-and-go and continuous mode active surveys

    • Extracting data from .esx files and using Python (Jupyter) to perform data analysis and safe modifications

    • Building custom report templates, including understanding work flows, template tags, looping functions and converting a customized report into an Ekahau Pro Report Template for reuse


Onsite Real World Training
  • Recieve One-on-One Training with an Engineer

  • We can visit to your site to train you and/or your team on the Ekahau tools and/or WiFi Fundamentals

  • Customised training to meet your specific current and future needs

  • Teach you how to use Ekahau in your environment using your floor plans

  • Cover troubleshooting with Ekahau and general wireless best practices

  • Leave you feeling confident your next project will be a success

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